Screenplay assessments:
I offer assessments for shorts and feature films. I encourage the writer to provide a short statement outlining his or her intentions, particularly in terms of tone. For instance is it meant to be a comedy, black comedy or drama? What was the original impetus for the project? Was it a theme, an image or a character? I will first read the project cold and then read this statement of intent once I have finished the script. My report will then focus on trying to help the author to achieve their vision, to enthuse him or her to write a subsequent draft of the script to which they are emotionally invested. My focus is on helping screenwriters develop a script with a clear narrative that is rooted in visual storytelling and features three-dimensional characterization.

Rates: 10-page report (feature film):
Production company: £300
Individual without development money: £250

2-page report (feature film)
Production company: £150
Individual without development money: £125

Half-hour Skype discussion of project:
Individuals only: £60

For assessment of shorts please contact me for rates which vary according to project length.

All payment must be received by BACs before consultation begins.